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A Tribute to Outgoing Chairman of the Board Christine Daley

Whereas… Christine Daley has served the Chemical Sources Association (CSA) with distinction for over 25 years, and;

Whereas… Christine Daley has also shared her creative awesomeness with the board of directors for CSA in numerous ways, including the website and all communication efforts, and;

Whereas… Christine Daley invented, served as, and perfected “Ask the Sourceress”; a service which the flavor industry used for many years as a means to unite ingredients and suppliers with companies desperate to find them!

Whereas… Christine Daley will be beyond missed for her humor, sweet smile and attitude, and her kind nature to all those she has ever encountered, and her total and complete professionalism in everything she does;

Be it so Resolved…. That with deep appreciation, CSA names Christine Daley… as an Honorable retired member…

The 2022 CSA Board of Directors

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