The Chem Sources Association is deeply saddened by the loss of 
Edward Brown
An active board member for many years.

The Chemical Sources Association was created to provide flavor industry professionals with a resource that fosters the exchange of knowledge on raw materials and their suppliers.  We are a COMPANY MEMBERSHIP organization. If you are unsure if your company is a member, CLICK HERE to check the list.


What's Next?

Note that there WILL NOT be a Chem Sources Meeting in February

Here are the details for Society of Flavor Chemists Meeting at Monell

Coming Up!

March 5 - West Coast Meeting (Anaheim, CA)

(in collaboration with NAFFS & SFC)

April 15 - Midwest Meeting (Cincinnati, OH)

May 14 - Chem Sources Roundtable (Newark, NJ)


We have a new look after all these years and we are very appreciative of FIORE, for giving us their time and talent to refresh our brand with a new logo and tagline.

FIORE InspirAgency  is a Brand Communications, Marketing and Public Relations company. FIORE Twenty-Twenty is the newly formed consultancy of Fiore InspirAgency, with a new website launching in June at www.fioreinspires.com .  Fiore is generously offering our members an opportunity to experience their INSPIRATON CAFÉ  at no charge.  Call 973-359-4444  and speak with Jennifer to schedule.

Can't find an ingredient??

Ask the Sourceress

1 hour Heat Management Workshop 

FC SYMPOSIUM 2014 - The State of the Industry After 60 Years

October 8th 8:00 am - 9th, 4:00 pm

222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ

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